MockFlow-A Product Design tool you need in 2022.

MockFlow-A Product Design tool you need in 2022.

18 Feb 2022

If you are reading this, you might be a product designer, a UI designer, or someone who has ideas and is inquisitive about the latest trends and tools. 2022 is here, and the last decade has been nothing less than a game-changer for the design industry. Everything from the tools we use and our approach while designing the products has changed in the last decade. And as a professional from one of the likes mentioned above, it is imperative to keep evolving with the latest trends and technologies, keep up the pace, and deliver innovative solutions to the users' needs.

Just like how you have been evolving, MockFlow has been growing too. The constant urge to keep serving you better is our driving force. If you know us, you know MockFlow is known for its simplicity. The ease of use has been a prime focus for us because the most significant learning curve for any designer is getting grips with industry tools, and when there are too many options to choose from, it could get a bit overwhelming. The idea was clear; you should spend your precious time building your ideas and not waste it understanding the tool's complexity.

There is a tool out there for every part of your workflow in the competitive world we live in. This article will help you understand how just one sign-up on MockFlow can help you save ten other sign-ups on additional tools, making you more productive in your work pace and, of course, saving you some dollars annually!

There are multiple aspects to product design. Of course, UI is one of the most significant ones as it lays the foundation for the product, but other essential factors also add to the journey and make the final products we see and use. The other factors include Research and Documentation, User behavior inspection, Brainstorming, collaboration, building brand guidelines, creating information architecture, organizing UX flows, Prototyping, and the list is long. Despite being co-dependent on each other, the process never seems to be streamlined, and the teams are usually spread across the tools and applications, resulting in longer hours and confusion in communication.

MockFlow- a complete product design tool because Product Design involves much more than just UI design and MockFlow lets you do all of that in one platfform.

And this was the problem we saw existed everywhere, yet there weren't any reasonable solutions to it. This problem became our driving force, to bring something that will cater a valuable solution to this, making you faster and more efficient.

Let us help you understand why investing in MockFlow will turn out to be an excellent investment for you :

1. Super easy to use WireFraming tool: UI design lays a solid foundation for your product design journey. It helps you prioritize the content, defines the structure and functionalities of pages, and helps you finalize the other crucial aspect of the page, i.e., its design.

Super-easy wireframing tool

So irrespective of the idea you are working on, UI design will be one significant step in the journey, and there is no better tool out there to visualize those ideas other than MockFlow. It's easy to use, and a super intuitive tool will give you a kickstart without wasting any time understanding the tool. With almost a zero learning curve, users feel at home as soon as they sign up. Features like drag and drop, Check-in revision history, Global page settings make your experience pretty convenient.

MockStore- also lovingly called Alladin's cave by our users has n number of readymade UI packs and templates to choose from, ranging from website portal to journal apps and many more popular ones.

Working on a similar idea? You can just import these templates to your WireFramePro and improvise it as per your need. The basic structure of these templates helps you save a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, UI packs get you Pre-built component sets for designing any user interface like Android, iPad, Apple Tv, Bootstrap, workflow, and many more. In the world of gadgets, versatility is the key; one app needs multiple interfaces, and MockFlow lets you build all of those in a jiffy with our readymade UI packs. You can also make your customized UI packs and share them with your team.

2. Collaboration: There has been a lot spoken on collaboration, and if you ask us, it's our favorite topic to talk about, and there are two reasons for it. One, because design and development are not done in isolation in the digital age. Collaboration is required between every team member at every stage of the journey to work together and create unique products. And second, because we know how seamless and hassle-free, we have made this whole experience for you at MockFlow.

MockFlow collaboration features help you at every step of your product design journey. From the time you start working on your idea, you can bring your team on board with defined roles. Each of these roles contributes differently towards the completion of your project. Bring multiple Co-Editors (designers) who can simultaneously work towards the same goal but on different pages, Admin to have complete control over the project, and reviewer to give feedback and suggest changes.

Easy collaboration with MockFlow

There are multiple ways you can connect with your teams and conduct meetings inside the WireFrame Pro. Host meetings via Text messages, Audio/Video calls, depending on everyone's preferences and availability.

Annotated comments and chat messages avoid confusion and discrepancies in the communication as all these changes/suggestions are made in real-time. Every time any team member makes any change, everyone else gets notified. There are no more excuses for missing out on an email; everything is collated and shared right where you need it.

It doesn't stop here. There are many other ways to collaborate inside and outside the WireFrame Pro. Like Recording your UX flows and product demo by using the Power-Ups like Video feedback, Design On-boarding or Loom, generating Public URLs, and even taking your UI designs to your favorite apps like Slack, Trello, Google Drive, and many more. Read about MockFlow's collaboration features in detail here.

3. Tool for every stage of your product design journey: Building products is no joke. The end product we see and use results from a team of people who have researched, planned, documented, designed, created, collaborated, tested, and finally delivered. And we often see UI designers, product owners, and product managers juggling multiple tools to cater to each of these needs. MockFlow, on the other hand, lets you do all of these in one tool in one space-Design Space. It's like workspaces for design. We offer more than 45 additional tools to cater to every step of your product design journey without you leaving your WireFrame Pro. You can brainstorm with your team with our collaborative tools, document your research in UX documentation, build site Maps to know the structure of your product, define your different types of users by creating user personas. Not just this, you can even prototype your ideas without putting in the coding effort to see how the final product interacts with its users. To make the whole experience even better, we recently launched another Power-Up called User Testing, which enables you to collect data from real users to help you choose your designs based on quantitative data.

MockFlow offer tools for every step of your product design journey.

There is so much more to it, and we promise there is a tool for it at MockFlow.

4. Design Files and Embeds: As mentioned in the previous point, a team usually works to bring the idea to a vision and achieve the unanimously set objectives. These people are UI designers, graphic designers, product owners, and product managers in an ideal scenario. They all bring their expertise to the table, working towards the same goal. An aesthetically composed UI design, with the colors that complement the brand, illustrations that depict the UX flows, a logo curated carefully, keeping the brand's vision and mission in mind.

UI designers, along with Graphic designers, bring this brand vision alive, and it's only imperative that they both work closely. The graphic designers conceptualize and design illustrations and Artwork that complement the content. Not to forget the multiple iterations they have to go through to seek everyone's approvals and feedback.

Adobe Photoshop plugin for MockFlow

Design files in Design Spaces are a blessing for designers to collaborate with the other team members and bring their design files from other applications.

Here are some breathers for designers mentioning how Design files will make their life easier :

  • Feedback: Upload your designs, and your team will get notified in real-time. They can give clear feedback with options like Approved, rejected, and needs work with an explanation. This saves you from exchanging emails and documents the feedback and changes that need to be made.

  • In-Image discussions:  To bring more clarity to this, team members can point out the exact part of your illustration and leave a comment there, saying goodbye to confusion and vague feedback. The team members can follow these comments making thread comments to reach mutual feedback, resulting in consolidated feedback for designers.
  • In-Frame Collaboration of Video Assets: Video assets are inevitable for your websites. Collaboration on them could be a herculean task primarily due to the size of the file and comprehending the comments at the exact time and Frame. But not with MockFlow; with this feature, you can have Frame-based comments, real-time discussion, and Auto view the comments as video plays.

  • Versions: Once the feedback is given and the changes are incorporated, upload the revised file as the next version in the same design file. This lets everyone see and compare the versions again without browsing through multiple folders. They can refer to the feedback given and compare the old creatives with the new ones to ensure it has come out exactly as expected. You can create as many versions as it takes to bring everyone's consent to the table.

  • Direct PhotoShop plug-in: For my designer friends who use PhotoShop as their designing tool, we have good news for you. You can now just download the MockFlow plugin to your photoshop account and directly upload your files to the respective Design Space's Design files. This ensures you never worry about downloading and uploading the different iterations of the same files over and again.

  • Design Embeds: A designer, on average, uses 8-10 tools daily, and we understand the pain of juggling them. Design embeds let you bring your work from all the other online applications to one space. You can easily access these files right from your Design Space and keep all your product-related elements consolidated.

Embed design services

5. Integrations: We live in a world of tools, a tool for every need and function. Jumping from one tool to another could be time-consuming at times. On the other hand, the ease of sharing and discussing your ideas with your teams on the platforms and the tools you like or commonly use helps you save time and effort. MockFlow makes it easier for you to brainstorm with your teams anywhere. You can take your UI designs to Popular apps like Slack, Trello, Google Drive, and many more to have the ease of collaboration at everyone's comfort.

6. Security: With everything and all the features we have collated together to make your experience with MockFlow a great one, security was never compromised. At MockFlow, we follow Enterprise-grade security practices. We are an ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type || certified service. We ensure our cloud providers are trustworthy and guarantee our infrastructure, development, data, and application follow security compliance at all times.

We use top-of-the-line services for hosting and protecting our infrastructure.

Continuous backups, encryption of sensitive data, and S3 file hosting are some of the ways we protect and safeguard our users' data.

  • We offer SSO and also supprot SAML.

  • Secure Sharing and Secure Deletion of your projects.

  • Encrypted wire file

  • Two Factor authentication

  • Share your projects via Public URL protected with pass key.

We have made this product so passionately, and it only makes it better when our users love it equally, and a community of 1.4 Million speaks so clearly of that. If you are new to MockFlow, I hope this gives you enough reasons to try it on your own and see it for yourself.

Sign up now, and we promise there will be no looking back.