SaaS Product Design Trends Of the year 2023

SaaS Product Design Trends Of the year 2023

1 Dec 2022

SaaS has become a significant part of all businesses. It is not an emerging product anymore. It is well-established in the heart of every business. So, attracting businesses to buy your SaaS product becomes extra hard.

Hence, it is high time you adopt good design practices to attract more users and maintain your position in the market. The design of your SaaS should be such that all kinds of visitors get what you want to deliver. So whether tech-savvy or non-technical, everyone must get what you are trying to say.

There are some trends that you can follow, and they will help you in the upcoming year.

Simple and Clear Design

Customers want to understand the product in one go. So your product design should be simple if you are selling them your product. There is a myth that complex things make your product and brand look smart. But it is exactly the opposite of it. Customers want to understand all the details of what you sell.

The way to go is to have a design that is uncluttered and away from unnecessary information.

Simple and clean design all helps in increasing SEO rankings. Nowadays, visitors have a very short attention span, so you want to ensure your copy is to the point and delivers all the important information.

Fewer Colours

Colour theory has changed the most in the past few years. Earlier product designs had a lot of colors, but now, few colors are used to grab users' attention. Most product pages nowadays have one to two primary colors, and the accent of it is used everywhere else. Bright colors are used for CTA buttons or for navigating menus.

Templates have two complementary colors on white background. This concept works because it is easy on the eyes of viewers. They could focus more on the content rather than getting distracted by it.


Most SaaS websites have bold text to grab the attention of visitors. The font size is also large and has a minimalistic design in the background. So, this method will directly focus on what is written rather than distracting users.

A SaaS website has to display a lot of information, so they have to be straightforward and use images to add more to the content. Define the content hierarchy and use different font sizes and boldness to signify its importance. For instance, h1 would be boldest than h2, and h3 and h4 would be the least.


To attract more eyes, the webpage must be visually appealing. There is huge competition in the market for almost all kinds of products. You will lose potential customers if your website looks outdated, slow, confusing, or boring. You need something that grabs attention.

So, you can take the help of graphics. They are interactive and share desired info. They can be used to guide visitors through your products and help them understand the flow.

They are the best at sharing quality information, or your visitors might get lost on the page.

The way you represent your website says a lot about your brand. It helps in building brand image. It is not just text and design; it is about the thought put in to express your product in the best way possible.


Micro-interactions are another way to save your web pages from getting boring. They are short and simple and act as a shortcut to long processes.

So, your first intention should be how to make it interactive. It is not about adding new functionality; it is all about expressing the best interactive way of existing functionalities. 

You can use animations to make it interactive. Animations are the best way to make static content more engaging. It works best to keep visitors engaged with the content.

Dark Mode

Many users have started preferring dark mode as it gives less eye strain, especially at night. It reduces the blue light emission from the electric gadget you are using.

Most popular platforms, like MUI, iOs, etc., have started offering dark mode options. So, this coming year, you must keep an eye on what users have been loving and have a dark mode option for your website.


A simple drop-down menu is long gone. SaaS platforms have started offering more user-friendly solutions, and that is indexes. They appear on the main page when you simply hover over them.

There are icons with short descriptions of a product, service, function, etc. Even without clicking, they open up, offering an interactive user experience.

Importance of UI/ UX on SaaS Websites

With technological advancements and competition, you cannot expect your SaaS to just work. The way it is designed matters a lot. That covers landing pages, backend systems, and front-end user experience.

If the user experience is nice, it will save users time, reduce frustrations, and provide all the important information to visitors. The other mistake to avoid is loading the page with too many features and inefficient copy.

So, to offer the best experience to users, the focus should be on keeping it simple. It shouldn’t overwhelm visitors with complex explanations. This will help you improve the conversion rates and build your brand image. Your customers will understand all the functionality if it is portrayed well.

You will have to spend less time and money on resolving tickets and explaining exactly what is written on your pages to customers. Moreover, if your SaaS has a smooth user experience, the chances of receiving word-of-mouth referrals also increase.

Final Thought

Designing is a constantly evolving process, but the industry has also developed some best practices which you can follow. To do so, you can hire a remote developer to help you explain and execute it. There is no need to invest in an in-house team. You can hire experienced remote developers to help through. You only need to remember to ensure your design is made keeping SaaS in mind. It will help you establish a company that embraces best practices.