MockFlow makes wireframing easy for all.

MockFlow makes wireframing easy for all.

1 Dec 2022

Prabhuram Baskaran, the founder of MockFlow, explains the mission, vision, and future goals of MockFlow in his interview with Website Planet.

In a friendly tone, adopting a new tool is not easy. But Prabhuram Baskaran's mission is to make wireframing easy for all. He founded MockFlow, a wireframing platform that enables users to create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes in minutes.

When you’re looking to build a new website or an application or trying to improve an existing one, the last thing you need to worry about is how you’ll visually communicate your ideas. Prabhuram knows how hard it can be to explain what you want in words—let alone pictures. But Prabhuram had a vision for a tool that would allow designers to create and share their designs with others at any stage of their product design process in a super easy way.

In this candid discussion with Karen Wilson from Website Planet, Prabhuram shares his journey on how MockFlow was conceptualized and grown over the years to make the experience better and wholesome for its users. Simplicity has been MockFlow’s driving force in building a community of over 1.5 million users worldwide.

Here are the key highlights of the interview :

  1. The conversation started by covering the basics- What MockFlow does do and the inspiration behind the company. Prabhuram reminisces about the old days when sketching or using a whiteboard was common for designers to visualize their ideas. The challenges they faced and how he identified the gap and filled it with MockFlow.

  1. The customer support you offer your users can make or break you. Karen was keen on knowing to what extent MockFlow goes into resolving a customer’s issue, surprised by how everyone in the team is equipped with thorough product knowledge and works even during nonworking hours (whenever needed) to answer the queries of users living in different time zones. The best part was how a customer reported a bug that was resolved the same day.

  1. To make the readers learn more about wireframing in detail, Prabhuram answered what exactly wireframing is, who it is important for, and how it lays down a strong structure to your product design process and helps you save a lot of time and effort in your entire process.

  1. He also believes in giving back to the community, and freebies are proof of that. Freebies are the additional tools MockFlow offers to anyone who wants to use it and is not restricted to its users. These are the additional tools that UI and UX designers, product designers, and product owners will need at different stages of their product design process. MockFlow offers them for free, without even a sign-up required. Check them out here.

  1. Very rarely does it happen that you are not compared to your competitors. Karen was keen on knowing how MockFlow differs from Figma and Balsamiq, the other two tools commonly used for similar purposes. Prabhuram shared some insights on the tool's usage, the pricing model, and how users can benefit from the tool with the product design goals they are trying to achieve.

  1. The interview ended with what the users can expect from MockFlow in the near future.

Read the full interview here and leave your thoughts.